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Did You Know: The symptoms of Norovirus: Diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, possible: fever, headache, body aches. You can spread the Norovirus after you get better. The Norovirus is still being produced in your body after you get over your symptoms. Even once you feel better, you should still stay home at least 48 hours after. This is vital if we are ever going to get this virus out of our community. #KillTheNoroVirus #GPSCommunity

Glendive Public Schools

Glendive Public Schools , about 23 hours ago

Did You Know: Soap and Water can wash Norovirus away, but it takes really hot water to kill it. So please wash your hands with soap often and wash your clothes with Very Hot Water. #KillTheNoroVirus #GPSCommunity

Glendive Public Schools

Glendive Public Schools , 1 day ago

Parents, please use this weekend to wash all your kids clothing, bedding, etc. I know it is a lot of work, but when the Norovirus can last 3 weeks on surfaces or clothing, we need to be diligent with killing this virus. #KillTheNorovirus #GPSCommunity

Glendive Public Schools

Glendive Public Schools , 2 days ago

Hello, this is Stephen Schreibeis, the Superintendent at Glendive Public Schools. As I am sure you have heard, our community is battling the norovirus among other sicknesses. Because of this, GPS is taking steps to keep our students and staff safe. School will be canceled on Monday, January 27th. This unprecedented step has been taken to help give our students and staff time to get better, to thoroughly sanitize our buildings, and to try to stay ahead of it moving forward. We want to make sure that we are able to kill the virus in our schools so that we can continue to keep our school environment as safe as possible. Please understand that the only way that this virus will go away in our community is if every individual takes the steps seriously that the Health Department has sent out to everyone. Please review the message that the Health Department has sent out on their Facebook Page and website if you have not already. Glendive Public Schools has also posted this information on our app, websites, and Facebook Pages. We know that the virus will keep cycling through our community and schools if people do not follow these guidelines. We appreciate your assistance in keeping our community safe and healthy. Thank you for your understanding.

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