Glendive Public Schools

Glendive Public Schools , 3 days ago

Please check our website to find information about the upcoming Glendive Elementary School District #1 Bond Measure. Please watch out for more information being added daily. FYI: February 24th is the close of Regular Registration to vote. Find out more information on the website. #BestSourceForAcurateInformation #BeInformed #TippingPoint Questions or concerns: Call or email Superintendent Schreibeis at 377-5339 or

Glendive Public Schools

Glendive Public Schools , 19 days ago

From the Transportation Dept: Tuesday, 2-4-2020 bus 7 will not run the afternoon route. Not enough drivers.

Kara Barthel

Kara Barthel , 22 days ago

"I Love to Read" all month long! This is a great opportunity to read a little extra with your kids!!

Glendive Public Schools

Glendive Public Schools , 22 days ago

Just a reminder for everyone to continue to do the following things so that you can protect your student and everyone else. We have to all be in this together to #KillTheNorovirus. 1. Wash your student's clothes, jackets, backpacks, etc. 2. Clean your house with bleach or another product that takes care of the Norovirus (remember, disinfectants don't work on the Norovirus). 3. Make sure everyone is washing their hands frequently with soap and water (hand sanitizers do not work on the Norovirus). 4. Keep students home 48 hours after they no longer have symptoms. We know that it is really difficult to do some of these, especially number 4. We appreciate everyone's continued effort with keeping our schools and community safe. Have a great weekend! Go #68! #GPSCommunity

Glendive Public Schools

Glendive Public Schools , 23 days ago

We couldn't be prouder! Thanks for inspiring all of us Mike Person! Video: #GoodLuck #68 #GlendiveProud #GPSPride #GPSCommunity

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All staff in the School District is encouraged to model healthful eating and physical activity as a valuable part of daily life. To meet this goal, the School District adopts this school...